Moving from California to Idaho

There are a handful of reasons why now is the perfect housing market for us to downsize, upsize, or even for would-be first time homeowners to embrace that part of the American dream — low interest and high employment rates among them. That is, unless the house hunt is in California.

A huge reason to move from my former home, California, to Idaho, in my opinion, is that median income is lower than the minimum salary required for a mortgage. Five of the six regions in the country where this is true are in California, including Los Angeles, Oxnard and San Diego, .

Trullia’s chief economist said this about California, “If you want to find a home it’s going to be difficult, and even if you do find one, it’s going to be expensive.”

Finding your home in Idaho… a home you’d not be able to dream of owning in California!… is a delightful experience! Please check it out here on my site… Put in the search fields things you really want… dream a little! I think you’ll be amazed.

Then I’ll share with you a couple of experiences of mine from making the move to Idaho from California. Let’s start with just the car stuff. I immediately changed my insurance having been led to expect it to be less, but I thought the annual quote was for a quarter! It is actually 75% less than it was in L.A. Then I carved out a day to go to the DMV and thought I was in the wrong place when there wasn’t a line for registration or for driver licenses! I truly couldn’t believe it.

It may sound trite, but Idahoans really are very friendly, helpful, polite and not just willing to help, but offer help. It is the norm that when you walk up to a store door, the person in front of you stops to hold the door for you.

A client of mine moving here from Oakland told me that she has realized that she wants to smile more because she’s realized that she’s put people off since she’s not in the habit of smiling just in the normal course of life when in public. People think she’s worried or that there’s something wrong! And, it’s amazing how good it feels to have a smile on your face be the default look on your own face. Little things do make such a difference!

Give yourself a gift… reduce the stress in your life with even such a small thing… but treat yourself to having more for less. Come to Idaho!


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